Alice in Wonderland


Client: Hunter Elementary School
Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

I was asked to design a shirt which would include the Cheshire Cat (with a smile that spelled out the show's title), and a list of the show's two casts (divided as 'hearts' and 'diamonds').

I started by finding a font that would maintain my own minimalist, clean-line aesthetic while still being slightly quirky. I ended up with "Motor Oil 1937 M54," and as I experimented with putting the Cheshire Cat's smile together, I discovered multiple interesting ways that the letters fit together.

To help tie the two sides together, I created a second (similarly scrambled) logo for the back, but it still wasn't "Alice" enough. We needed a stronger piece of iconography to hold up with the Cheshire Cat on the front. I settled upon the White Rabbit's timepiece since it could be done in a minimalist style, and it could help add a pop of color.